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Cumden Court Hotel

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Room Only Rates
Room Only Rates
From €119.00 per night
Ultimate Family Room
Ultimate Family Room
From €249.00 per night
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Family Room Offers
From €125.00 per night


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Advice from Pangaea on the Pomodoro


With our tomato plants well and truly blooming on the roof garden in the Camden Court, Pangaea Beauty Room in our leisure centre have reminded us that the tomato, when applied to the skin, is excellent for cleansing and revitalising the complexion, as well as soothing irritation and high colour. Tomatoes are also excellent for healing wounds and sores and for soothing sunburn. Of course, when eaten, tomatoes are anti carcinogenic, promote heart health, and reduce high blood pressure. So the next time you are in the Camden Court, remember to eat your salad tomatoes, and think of the benefits you will be receiving as a result!