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Don’t be disheartened when trying to loose weight…


Our Leisure Centre manager Robbie is your number one man to go to for tips on weight loss and he is always on hand to give some well needed motivational advice...
Robbie reckons that during the initial stages of a weight loss programme you can often find that you lose weight quickly because your body is shocked at the changes you place upon it. It is at this time that it is easy to be highly motivated because you feel like you are making tremendous progress. However as the body catches onto what is happening, it takes measures to halt the changes - this is purely a instinctive mechanism and also the time when people become demotivated and lose sight of their original goals! If you are trying to lose weight and you feel that our body just isn't budging... just remember what Robbie has said.

Like anything you order to succeed you must be honest with yourself and have the desire - mentally and emotionally to change. You should give yourself a reason or strategy to find the motivation. This could relate to health issues or wishing to improve your self esteem and will provide you with focus, when things become difficult or you feel like you are not making more progress, these strategies will help you finish what you started.
Keep an eye on the Camden Court Hotel's Blog for Robbie's updates on health & fitness tips! :)