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The Giro d'Italia hits Dublin in 2014

Set to be the biggest event of the year, the Giro d’Italia is one of the world’s greatest cycling events, and arrives in Dublin on Sunday, 11th of May.

Over 200 of the world’s best cyclists will race 187km from Armagh to Dublin. This annual bike race primarily takes place in Italy, where the race started in back in yonder year (1909).

They have in recent years included some neighbouring countries to change it up and we are delighted to say that we are delighted to host 'THE BIG START' in 2014.

Giro d'Italia in Dublin 2014














This is not some boring cycling event, punters and tourists can enjoy a host of festivities and cheer on these titans on two wheels as 200 elite cyclists battle it out for the coveted pink jersey through the streets of Dundalk, Drogheda, Malahide and Clontarf before they race to the finish line in Dublin’s Merrion Square

Yes, you read the correctly, a PINK jersey! Did you know The color pink was chosen because La Gazzetta dello Sport, the sports newspaper that created the Giro, was printed on pink paper. So as a result PINK is the theme of the event with business getting in on the action by 'pinking' up premisiese with lights and decorations.

There is set to be a huge turnout for the event in Dublin City Centre, the anticipation of the first bike to cross the line, mixed with the wonderful flavours of Italian food and drink at the Giro Fan Park and the Irish Cycling Show, there will be loads of fun for the whole family!

If you are staying at The Camden Court Hotel from the 9th  - 11th of May, be sure to ask one of our staff members abour details for the event such as the best viewing points and activities.

One of the main attractions on the Sunday the 11th of May will be the Publicity Caravan which is a long held tradition of the Giro d'Italia that precedes the race. There are official stops where the caravan will stop and hand out promotional items in Dundalk, Drogheda, Balbriggan, Malahide, and Dublin. Get your goodie bags ready!!

Check out our room rates from €115.00 per room for the Sunday night, there will be plenty of action on the in city centre for the event so it's set to be a fantastic event.

Check out the Official Promotional Video for the event here:

Safety Notes:

Wherever you want to see the race, ensure you are there at least 90 minutes before the riders are due as roads will be closed to facilitate the event and passage of the Publicity Caravan.

If you are coming from the hotel on foot, it is a mere 15-20 minute walk to Merrion Square. Much of the race route will not have barriers so use common sense and maintain a safe distance from the riders. Particular attention needs to be given to ensure young children and pets are kept at a safe distance from the riders and race vehicles.

For more information on the event including time tables visit the official Giro d'italia website

Check out the route from the The Camden Court Hotel to Merrion Square below: