This event will be taking place at The Royal Irish Academy, From Tuesday 2nd June to Friday 5th June 2015.

This conference will cover areas such as the method,history and future of motion design.

June 5, Friday—2:00 pm, Presenter 2

Investigating User Experiences through Animation-based Sketching

Peter Vistisen and Søren Bolvig Poulsen, Aalborg University, Denmark

This paper discusses the use of animation-based sketching as an approach to explore diegetic designs in the fuzzy front-end ideation of the design process. We present the results from a design workshop with more than 200 participating design students, and 16 companies. The participants used motion graphics and animation to sketch design ideas into diegetic design solutions. Through a deep-dive into two cases we discuss how animation-based sketching tech- niques supports the investigation of user experience aspects in design scenarios, and wether the expression is dependent on the visual fidelity or on how animation is applied to support a design narrative anchoring to the context.

Keywords: Sketching, Design, Animation, Diegetic Prototypes.


Peter Vistisen is a PhD-fellow in strategic design at the Center for Interactive Digital Media & Experience Design, Department of Communication & Psy- chology, Aalborg University.