Camden Court Fitness Personal Training 

November 01, 2017

Camden Court Fitness Personal Training 

Personal Trainer Peter Purdue


Peter competed in Dublin for the Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association (NIFMA), an all-Ireland competition that invites the best in the country to compete against each other on stage. Peter competed in both Mr Beach Body and Mr Athletic bringing home gold in both categories in his first year of competing.

“It was a massive boost in the right direction for me, proving to myself that anything can be accomplished once you put your mind to it”-Peter Purdue

Peter trained six days per week for this competition. Meticulously planning his training and nutrition to obtain the best shape possible while still maintaining his energy levels.

“I applied a scientific approach to my training and nutrition using periodisation training”-Peter Purdue

Peter is one of the most sought after personal trainers in Camden Court Fitness. If you are interested in or looking for a personal trainer, please contact our team in Camden Court Fitness for further information. You can contact our dedicated team by phone on 01-428-3906 or email them at We look forward to being a part of your fitness journey and helping you achieve your goals.

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