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Dublin: Walk This Way

January 02, 2020

We know Dublin is the best city in Ireland (we may be a bit biased here) but every now and again we like to get out of the city and stretch our legs.
Want to head out for a walk this weekend? Well, look no further. We have rounded up a few stunning walks in Dublin for all levels of fitness and ability.

Dublin Running Routes

September 16, 2019

With the quaint Grand Canal and the expanses of the Georgian squares on its doorstep, Camden Court Hotel is perfectly located for runners.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just want work off your breakfast from the Iveagh Restaurant, the green areas and waterways around the hotel have you covered.

We've chosen four of our favourite local routes for running in Dublin, from routes starting at the hotel to guided running tours.

Are you looking for a family hotel in Dublin’s city centre? If so, why not stay at the 4 star Camden Court Hotel which is conveniently located in Dublin’s city centre, just a short walk from St. Stephen’s Green and numerous restaurants and attractions. A perfect choice for a family hotel in Dublin. 

Camden Court Fitness Personal Training 

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At Camden Court Hotel, we believe that one of the best ways to get around Dublin’s fair city is by foot or bike. Especially on a mild day (when it’s not raining). Not only is a bike ride in Dublin city reasonably cheap and convenient, it’s great for sightseeing and exploring.

Swimming Lessons

September 01, 2015

Swimming is one of the best things you can ever learn to do.

At Camden Court Hotel Leisure Centre, we offer private swimming lessons. Whether you are a complete novice or just looking to improve, we can work on a training programme that suits you.

Swimming has proven to do wonders for the body – but do you need to be the perfect swimmer? It’s been said that swimming is most effective for burning calories, boosting metabolism, and firming all muscles in your body all without the pressure on your joints. Seems like the wonder work-out to me!

Living in the bustling city is always hard to find a decent pool and swimming advice on how to get the best out of your time. The initial costs involved however, unlike some of these fad sports/activities doesn’t require much - a simple swim suit, hat and goggles and you’re away.

Magueritte O Malley, personal trainer & swimming instructor at TLC in Dublin 2says ‘An easy swim can make you burn around 500 calories an hour; it’s easy to achieve a higher level of course, based on how vigorous you are with your exercises. “Water is much denser than air, each kick, push, and pull is like a mini resistance workout for your entire body— especially your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes”

With sun shining this week in Dublin there seems to be a big emphasis on health and fitness. More and more people are trying to shape up for summer!

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Our Leisure Centre manager Robbie is your number one man to go to for tips on weight loss and he is always on hand to give some well needed motivational advice...

Robbie reckons that during the initial stages of a weight loss programme you can often find that you lose weight quickly because your body is shocked at the changes you place upon it.